December 15, 2010

Miss Murder

What’s the hook, the twist, within this verbose mystery?

I would gladly bet my life upon it, that the ghost you love, your ray of light, will fizzle out without hope.

We’re the empty set just floating through wrapped in skin, ever searching for what we were promised.

December 15, 2010


I love food. I mean I really, really love food. However my current feeling of food baby (food twins, food triplets?) is so far from comfortable that I’m considering begging for food baby epidural.

December 14, 2010


Pretty much positive that I’m taking next year off.

1. Working

2. Travelling

3. Me = happy.


December 13, 2010

Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs

December 13, 2010

Still Alright

When everything you have goes away

You realize that nothing means a thing

Everything you thought was a big deal

Now you see it all and what is real

December 10, 2010

There’s rain on my windshield.

And I like to leave it there while I’m driving. I play a semi dangerous game where I let it get so wet that I literally can’t see through it before I turn the wipers on.

December 10, 2010

On a mission…

To pick a favourite quote from every song in my iTunes.

Or maybe just from every band…

But that won’t work for The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Belle & Sebastian or The Shins…

One from every song I actually like?

Musical favoritism.

December 9, 2010


Does everyone have one?

I mean a real, legitimate secret that will never be told.

December 9, 2010

I like taking photos of flowers.

December 9, 2010


I have two casual jobs that I actually like this Summer. It’s really nice to not dread the thought of going to work.

Hot town, Summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.

15 days until Christmas and haven’t finished all my Christmas shopping. I’ve been doing well with gifts this year though. I like buying for people.